Hire Dedicated PHP Developers & Programmers

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers & Programmers

E-Multitech Solution, a Web Design and Web Development Company, has been providing dedicated PHP development services to clients around the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, and now in Asian countries such as India and Nepal.

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Hire Dedicated PHP Developers


PHP extracts data using SQL queries from a database such as MySQL – making them a formidable pair. PHP pulls those databases using PHP scripts via MySQL database, depending on different events triggered by the visitors of the website. For example, a dynamic news system displays a particular news item, or a certain amount of news to display on the home page. This depends upon the number of news items to display, what the admin specifies, or the news ID the visitor clicks on.

Various Applications of PHP Programming

A variety of web applications are built from PHP programming: membership systems, newsletter systems, shopping carts, auction scripts, CMS systems, and other online dynamic content other than the usual static pages that run on PHP and MySQL..

PHP’s Popularity

1. PHP is both free and open source, meaning that programmers around the world can develop their own libraries and add more functionality to it.

2. PHP development or programming, unlike client-side programming such as JavaScript, is a type of server-side programming. This means that all of your web pages are served from a remote server. The server receives a command from you, and according to the command, serves the document to your screen..

3. PHP is a robust server-side language that serves pages quickly.

4. More than 23 million websites on the internet are employing PHP and MySQL as their first choice of web programming languages. For example, Facebook, one of the top social networking sites, is developed using PHP language. As the popularity of PHP grows, so does the demand for experienced and dedicated PHP developers and programmers. For years, E-Multitech Solution has been providing these experts in developing innovative PHP web applications.

As the popularity of PHP grows day after day, the demand for experienced and dedicated PHP developers and programmers are also increasing. And E-Multitech Solution has been providing those expert to carve out innovative PHP web applications for years.

PHP Tools and Framework

Our dedicated PHP programmers use state-of-the-art PHP tools and frameworks to develop outstanding web applications on the fly.

CodeIgniter :is a powerful, high-performance, open-source PHP development framework designed to develop PHP applications quickly. Known for having a light footprint, CodeIgniter reduces the server’s work. It also has an online manual, helpful online videos, and an active user forum.

NetBeans : is a dedicated PHP coding environment with complete integration with NetBeans HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Equipped with CSS editing features such as syntax highlighting, and the JavaScript debugger, NetBeans IDE 6.5 fully supports iterative development.

CakePHP : is another leading PHP framework that has a broad and well organised online manual, used to create forceful, fully-featured web applications. For online video tutorials, check out the CakePHP screencasts.

Zend Framework : Framework is a popular PHP Web application framework by Zend Technologies that embraces the principles of PHP OOP. With built-in utilities for working with free web service APIs, such as Google, Flickr, and Amazon, Zend Framework is very extensible.

Smarty : is another popular PHP templating system. Separating the PHP logic and front end code – HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript – it helps keep your projects modular, and as a result, easier to maintain.

Besides the above PHP frameworks and tools, our dedicated programmers have on-hand experience using PHP tools such as AJAX, Oracle, MySql DHTML, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Design.

PHP has a wide variety of applications. First, the server-side programming language helps to build efficient websites that load web pages faster. Furthermore, the website becomes dynamic, as it becomes easier to add content via the back end or CMS system.

PHP Developers

Why hire our Dedicated PHP Developers?

  • Experience in open source frameworks and custom coding.
  • Professional expertise in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax & XML
  • Use of MVC architecture with easy coding style
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • We strictly follow your specification and concept
  • We strictly work a dedicated eight hours per day
  • Dedicated our is 8 hr per day
  • Affordable cost
  • Reporting on a daily basis
  • Have directly contact with your hired programmer

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated PHP Developers:

E-Multitech Solution has also been operating as an outsourcing company for the past four years and offer these benefits to our clients.

  • We have been providing quality services at affordable costs
  • We offer technical support six days a week
  • Optimum solutions and return on investment
  • All our PHP applications are clean, clear, and free of glitches
  • We are transparent and provide quick communication

Our dedicated PHP developers and programmers have an intensive knowledge of PHP technologies such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP), ZendFramework, CakePHP, Code Igniter, AJAX technologies, Smarty, PHPLib, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PHP 5.x, HTML/CSS, DHTML, JavaScript and many more.

All of these technologies follow the MVC structure, which our PHP developers use to create highly customised PHP custom web applications.


Money Back Guarantee

At E-Multitech Solution, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for all of our web design services. We don’t ask questions, and unlike most of the companies out there, we won’t deduct any service charges when returning your money.

This is a guarantee that most design companies fail to offer to their clients.

We will guide you through the process step-by-step right from the start, as well as after the project is completed, in order to make sure that your online business profits and flourishes. Rest assured, when it comes to designing professional and profitable web designs, E-Multitech Solution can deliver.

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