Web Tools & Technologies

Latest Web Designing Tools and Technologies

E-Multitech Solution is equipped with the latest web design and development tools and technologies that are top-of-the-line, up-to-date, and fierce. We use the latest web designing tools and technologies while designing web designs.

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Web Designing Tools and Technologies

Web Tools and Technologies

Standard Graphic design tools include Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, FrontPage, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator CS4 Extended, and Adobe Director are used by our expert web designers and web developers. Our team of experts carves out creative, unique, and compelling designs that are both captivating and functional.

Markup, Scripting and Programming Languages

Our expert web developers and programmers use the latest scripting and programming languages to build back-end designs of websites.
Our web developers use these arsenals of tools - JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, CSS3, XML, XHTML, HTML, and DHTML to create web pages. In addition to HTML and CSS, we develop those smart navigations with JavaScript and JQuery. Unlike PHP, which are server-side programming, JavaScript and JQuery are client-side scripting. They’ll generally make things faster by processing data entered by the visitors on the client’s computer. For instance, JavaScript are used to validate contact form field values before submitting the form to have them processed by PHP, the server-side programming language.

Well, don’t worry if you don’t get it.

You Don’t Need Knowledge of Tools and Technologies

Absolutely not. We handle all these technical aspects and develop a simple form where you simply enter information. No knowledge of HTML and other programming languages are required for you. Our WYSIWYG or user-friendly editors via back-end designs (admin area) will allow to post contents – images, text, and products – easily. Along with JavaScript and JQuery, we use Ajax, another client-side programming to create real-time events. Ajax is a cool scripting language. Here’s why.

1. Ajax powered photo galleries loads all the images prior to display.
2. Ajax loads a page without actually refreshing the page itself.

E-Multitech Solution uses PHP as its major programming language because its open source code. That means you can extend the basic functionality and develop your own applications from PHP.

Web Designing Tools and Technologies

Why PHP is cool? Because it’s totally FREE. That’s right!

Just imagine, the world’s biggest social networking site, Facebook, is built on PHP and MySQL. MySQL is the database the goes along with PHP well. They just work like a pair and extremely easy to use and debug.
These scripts are used to foster user-interaction, load content faster, and allow dynamic and animated features on your website designs.

All of the web designs and web application are built using valid XHTML and CSS scripting that are W3C compliant. This is the standard each web site designs are measured against.

Frameworks We Build Our Web Designs and Apps

We use MVC frame-work to develop most of our auction sites, web applications, and other dynamic database-driven SITES. The MVC is the three tier technology that separates the business logic and application data from the presentation data to the user.

Awesome! And that’s not all.

We are currently developing systems on CodeIgniter frame-work.
CodeIgniter frame-work is one of the most popular frame-work nowadays. If you need to contact us, send in a no obligation quote, and our customer care staff will explain all these cool tools and technologies that we use.

However, this does NOT mean!

But this does not mean you cannot suggest your own sets of tool and technologies to us. Go ahead, send in a no obligation quote, and we’ll take care of nailing those tools and technologies down for your highest profit. Excellent, right? Right!

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