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E-Multitech Solution offers different types of Highest Unique Bid Auction or Unique Auction Soft-ware with proper coding and highly secure scripts. Each script can be varied according to your needs.

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Highest Unique Bid

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Country: Australia

"Gift Card Auctions (GCA) is a safe and enjoyable online auction website giving bidders the opportunity to win Gift Cards / Vouchers from various providers at prices considerably lower than the value of the Gift Card / Voucher. It was developed out of frustration as to the types of auction websites that were available"

"I was sick of bidding on "Lowest Unique Bid Wins / Penny Auction" websites where it was absolute 'pot-luck' if I was to win. I would rather say 'This is what I am willing to pay for this Item' and if I win it, then good luck to me. If it costs me $2 to have a go and I loose, so be it. That's only a can of Coke". Mick Denny – Creator of Gift Card Auctions.

E-Multitech Solution Help and build the system for Mick Denny.

Technology Used: MVC Frame work, PHP, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Node.js

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How Highest Unique Bid Auction Software Works:

Highest Unique Bid Auction is one type of unique bidding software. Unlike the Lowest Unique Bid, the winner is usually the individual/bidder with the highest unique bid when the bid closes. The maximum bid value is generally kept at a lower value than the actual value of the item.

Unique bids are also called strategy games or competitions, and bidders pay a subscription fee in order to be able to participate.

For example, a highest unique bid works like this.

Bid Amount Bid Frequency Bid Status
$0.01 23 Not unique
$0.02 10 Not unique
$0.03 50 Not unique
$0.04 1 Unique bid but not highest
$0.05 1 Highest Unique Bid
$0.06 45 Not unique
$0.07 80 Not unique
$0.08 5 Unique bid but not highest
$0.09 7 Unique bid but not highest
$0.10 10 Unique bid but not highest
$0.11 14 Unique bid but not highest

In the above example, it looks as if the bid amount of $0.11 is the highest bid; however it is not unique because there are other bid amounts with less bid frequency. Hence, the bidder/member who placed the bid $0.05 will be the winner of this auction bid.

E-Multitech Solution (web design, web development, and outsourcing company), presents different kinds of Highest Unique Bid Auction or Unique Auction Software for any type of business.

Highest Unique Bid Auction Script Features:

Even though the foundation concept of the Highest Unique Bid Auction is common, we provide customisation of the auction site according to our client’s personal tastes and requirements. Listed below are the basic features of our Highest Unique Bid Auction Software.

  • Highly customisable and scalable programming
  • Website is search-engine (SEO) friendly, either in desktop or version mobile version
  • SMS bidding and SMS notification
  • The auction site is built using object-oriented programming (OOP), MVC, PHP 5, MySQL, Node.js, CSS3, HTML5, and JQuery. These platforms provide robust functionality.
  • Supports all payment gateways
  • High performance to handle huge traffic flow
  • Analytic reports of site’s traffic, page views, bounce rates, and conversions amongst others
  • Single Bidding Features, Multiple Bidding Features
  • Mobile Version Compatible
  • Time Auction, Required Quota Auction and fully featured CMS to manage all auctions, bids and users
  • Features such as Coupon Code, Bonuses, and Newsletters

Front & Back End Design of Highest Unique Bid Auction Scripts:

Now that we have discussed what Highest Unique Bid is and listed its features, let’s look at the back and front end design of the system in detail so that you know exactly what each section does. If you have any questions regarding using these sections, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Back End Design of the Highest Unique Bids:

  1. Super Administrator Login Page - The super administrator (the owner of the site), logs into the dashboard via a secure and password encrypted portal.
  2. Super Administrator Dashboard - The administrator controls everything related to the auction site
    - the content of the site, bidding and auction item information, users, reports and so forth, all of which are detailed below. You should feel very comfortable using the admin panel due to it’s smooth and user friendly interface.
  3. Auction Item Category Management - In addition to managing your product categories (viewing, editing, deleting, hiding/showing), the item category manager allows the super administrator to create infinite sub-categories for each store product. The administrator can also customise how the category is displayed in the front of the store. This section allows you to add field values including categories and sub-categories. You may also hide or show the category names and sort them according to serial numbers, as well as edit, change or delete a category.
  4. Auction Item Management -This section helps you to manage all of your shops/store auction items; either add, edit, delete, or view the auction items through the buttons at the corner of each page. A particular auction can be set to a different status - Open/Live, Closed, Future, Cancelled, and Dispatched - according to its nature. In addition to a photo gallery for each newly inserted auction, the auction can also be set to multiple languages. You can easily set different values pertaining to the auction items whilst either adding or posting them via the Auction Item Management section.

    1. Auction name (with option for multiple languages)
    2. Auction category
    3. Retail/market price
    4. Bid fee (credit/currency
    5. Auction start date and time
    6. Auction end date and time
    7. Required number of bids
    8. Maximum bid amount (ceiling point)

    9. Minimum required bid amount
    10. Size (small, medium, large), weight, descriptions
    11. Images - small or large mage (for image gallery)
    12. Shipping cost
    13. Discount options
    14. Coupon codes
    15. Show/hide options
    16. Highlight/don't highlight options
    17. Auction types (Free, Paid and Unpaid).

    In addition to adding and editing of an auction item, a particular auction can also be set in different status - Open/Live, Closed, Future, Canceled, and Dispatched – from this section.
  5. Auction Report or Bidding Report Section – Every owner should obtain a report of what is going on with their business at the end of the day. Reports contain important information that give you a sense of how things are operating and where special attention is required. The Auction Report or Bidding Report Section lets you do that. A particular open auction contains this report.
    1. All the placed bids
    2. Total revenue generated, remaining date and time, remaining bids
    3. All bid statuses, reports and statistical information
    You can also check the report of every other auction bid that has a different status (e.g. Closed, Canceled and Dispatched bids).
  6. Shipping and Delivery Management - Once a winner is named and awarded, the winner may have the following questions in their mind.
    1. Where will my order be sent from?
    2. When should my order arrive?
    3. Who will deliver my order?
    4. My order is later than expected
    5. How is my order packaged?
    6. Whoops, I gave you the wrong address
    7. Awesome gift certificates
    8. Returns, exchanges, and other
    The super administrator can manage all this important information via the Shipping and Delivery Management section, so that your members know exactly when they will receive their product as well as who will deliver the product.
  7. Member/User Management - As the auction site grows in popularity and more users register, managing users (members) of the site becomes crucial. The site owner usually requires general information such as how many users are currently on the site, how many people visit the site, number of online visits, and the winner’s bid history and records.
    The site owner also needs to be able to ban users from using the site in case of illegal activity. The Member/User Management section allows you to do that. From here, the site owner can view, add, edit, or delete any registered user. Likewise, to make it easier to find users amongst the vast pool of registered users, you can type in the name of the member. Lastly, you can make a backup of all user information in CSV file format, and save it for future use. Via this section, you can also view, edit, and delete a member’s account information including username, password, email address, street address, and city.
  8. Transaction Details -- In business terms, a transaction refers to an exchange of goods or services. To keep track of what goods (products) were exchanged during a bid, we have created this section especially for the site owner. Site owners require this vital information on a day to day basis in order to keep track of what is going on with their auction site. Transaction details include:
    1. Transactions that took place whilst buying credits
    2. Transaction details of placed bids
    3. Payment methods used for the winning bids
    Registered users can purchase items from the auction using several types of payment gateways. Our experts can integrate the auction bid with various types of payment gateways such as PayPal, Moneybooker, ClickandBuy, Authorize.net, Sagepay, and AlertPay. After each transaction, the de-tails can be downloaded as a CSV file for future reference. These details will act as a receipt for the users. You can also quickly search for specific transactions either by sort facility, date and time, or username.
  9. Newsletter Section - The newsletter section allows you to quickly create newsletters, save them, apply templates, and send them to selected users.
  10. Content Management Section (CMS) - The Content Management System (CMS) provides the ability for multiple users with different permission levels to manage content, information about the products and the auction itself. Our CMS management allows you to create, edit, publish, and archive different web pages. The admin of the site can create all these pages without the need for advanced technical skills such knowledge of HTML. The system is extremely user-friendly and allows you to easily create web content on the fly. Generally, you will create the following pages on your Highest Unique Bid Auction:
    1. About Us
    2. Privacy Policy
    3. Terms and Conditions
    4. FAQs
    5. Help Pages
    The super admin controls all these pages either by adding, editing or deleting them using the full-fledged editors.
  11. Banner and Logo Management – Building an auction site also involves building a brand name for your business. Brands are vital as they give an impression of professionalism, trust, and credibility. The Banner and Logo Management section allows you to manage all kinds of images, advertising banners, logos, and other type of affiliate marketing material for your auction site. The section helps you to:
    a. Decide which pages will show the advertisements
    b. Where to place each banner
    c. What types of banners to use
    d. Upload your logo from the management section
  12. SEO section – This section helps you optimise the site content (pages, product information, and auction details). Included is a section where you can add meta-titles, meta-keywords, and meta-descriptions for each page in order to make your site SEO friendly. The search engine usually reads these meta titles, keywords, and description fields in each page while scanning or crawling the content. Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will rank pages higher if they have high density keywords throughout the page title, headers, body, and URL. Highly ranked pages will end up at the top of a Google search, increasing the number of visitors to your site. More visitors mean more people will become registered users, and as a result the site becomes more popular. Popular sites generate more profit for you as many other sites will want to link to you.
  13. Email Setting section – This section allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing emails. This dynamic email setting lets you send emails directly by creating various types of emails - User Registration, Welcome, Payment Invoice Notifications and others - to your users using your own dynamic text and images.
  14. Time Zone Setting section - The super admin specifies the required time zone for the highest unique bid web site in order to reflect local settings. This is crucial information for members who reside in different parts of the world.
  15. Live Help and Ticketing Section - This section includes all messages that are sent through either the live help or ticketing division. Reply to all user queries through the ticketing section.

Front End of the Highest Unique Bid Auction Software

The front end acts as a view for the members, visitors, and yourself. The front end is:

  1. An interface between the user and the back end.
  2. Responsible for collecting input from the users in various forms and processing it.
  3. An abstraction, simplifying the underlying component by providing a user-friendly interface.
  4. Generally, whatever sections the site contains in the back end (as discussed earlier) can be viewed from the perspective of the end user. The site owner controls how the front end will finally look like by tweaking settings from the back end. Our Highest Unique Bid Auction has a front end design view for first time visitors and registered members, for every section.
    1. Listing page
    2. Lists all products within it’s required fields.
    3. Category Listing
    4. List Auction Under Category
    5. Banner and Logo Section
    6. Product Details page
    7. Bidding page
    8. Auction Closed Page
    9. Bid Details page after auction is closed
  1. For the members of the site, the front end view collects information from them and processes it to take them to different sections of the site.
    1. Login and Registration page
    2. Home or Welcome page
    3. Current Auction Listing page
    4. Past Auction Listing page
    5. Winning Listing page
    6. Update Profile page
    7. Balance and Deposit page
    8. Help Desk Section
    9. Forgot Password Page
    10. Change Password Page
  2. Newsletter
    1. Newsletter capture box
  3. Bid Pages
    1. About Us Page
    2. Terms and Conditions Page
    3. Contact Us Page
    4. FAQ Page
    5. Help Section
    6. Ticketing and Live Help Section
    7. Forgot Password Section

All of the various sections listed above and their functionality are usually found on the standard custom Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script. However, E-Multitech Solution can come up with a ver-satile, flexible, and top-of-the-range auction bid site that fits your particular requirements.

Contact us here for a customised, highly secure, and latest technology driven Highest Unique Bid Auction Software/Script.

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