Reverse Auction Software (Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script):

Lowest Unique Bid Auction is one of the most popular types of online bidding auction

E-Multitech Solution delivers several types of customised Lowest Unique Bidding Auction Software or Low Auction Scripts. The Lowest Unique Auction Bidding Script can be varied according to your needs.

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Lowest Unique Bid

Our All Types of Auction Site - Low bid Auction

Country: India

Multi language, Multi country, Live bidding, Lowest Unique Bid, Streaming on TV. Used PHP, MySQL, Node.Js. Developed for for Raj Kundra, One of the richest business man of India and Celebrity 

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Node.JS, SMS gateways, Live Steaming

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Lowest Unique Bid Auction for Cars

Country: USA is lowest unique bid auction website which is selling high brand cars with various bidding technique and methods.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, node.js, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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Lowest Unique Bid Auction

Country: Singapore is lowest unique bid auction website featureds with Multi language, Multi currency Multi country and linked auction. Multiple Products in single auction. Buy now option, various bidding commission, bonous points and many mores. E Multitech Solution and Its developer has built this application from scratch. Designer and programmer of the application has proved onces again for it excelent work.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, SMS, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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Country: France

Its clone of  Combination of Lowest Unique Bid and Highest Unique Bid. Same things we did in various auction software but it is in French language with more enhanscment and latest tools and technology.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, SMS, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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Country: UK

PyraBid is the must go to online auction site in the UK for the "best bargain deals" available online. We offer iPhones, iPads, Apple MacBooks, luxury holidays, Louis Vuitton bags... at a starting price of £1 and finishing up to 95% off their RRP.

PyraBid was inspired from the Great Pyamids, in a way our attribution to their remarkable structure, skills and significance in the history. The fundamental to win any auction is simple: stack up all your bids as in the Pyramid model, reach the apex by placing the “lowest Unique Bid” that no other user has gone for in that Auction on PyraBid and claim your prize.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, SMS, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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Lowest Unique + Price Reveal Auction

Country: UK

We have developed this as an auction portal. This is built with combination of Low Bid Auction Web site, Price Reveal Auction. Which is Excitement of a game & pleasure of shopping creates a platform where exclusive items are traded each day. It is programmed with sms notification, facebook login, and all necessary features that need to have in best auction web site. We have use PHP, mysql, ajax and jquery for its development platform

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3

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Special Features of E-Multitech's Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script:

Each basic lowest unique bid auction software package comes with the following basic features and modules:

  •   Each auction site is search-engine (SEO) friendly, giving it high potential to be found by bidders using search engines.
  •   Even a novice internet user can fully control and run their own functional auction bid site within days.
  •   Low bid auction script is highly secure and built over the latest frameworks including PHP CodeIgniter, Ajax, and MySql. The web site is controlled completely by the administrator of the site via the back-end design.
  •   Almost every payment gateway is supported by each auction.
  •   Easily integrate the auction site with Google Analytics and start to monitor your entire site includ-ing traffic, page views, bounce rates, and conversions.
  •   Single Bidding Features, Multiple Bidding Features.
  •   Easily place and manage items, users, categories, and pages using the highly secure admin area.
  •   Features such as Coupon Code, Bonuses, and Newsletters
  •   Support SMS bidding and SMS notification.
  •   Smart phone compatibility (responsive web design).

How Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script (Software) Works:

E-Multitech Solution delivers several types of custom Lowest Unique Bidding Auction software or Reverse Auction scripts. The Reverse Auction bidding script may vary according to your requirements.

What does Reverse Auction Bidding Software look like, you might ask? Excellent question!

  •   - Typically, the auction administrator (you) will post products for purchase.
  •   If it is B2B, then the seller will post the product or services.
  •   Users will log in in order to bid for the product or auction items.
  •   The bidders purchase a bid fee or bid credits in order to make a bid.
  •  The buyer places a bid on a particular auction item to win

Unlike selling and buying products in a traditional or forward auction site, in the lowest unique bid auction, any bids placed by users at the end of the auction that are both unique and lowest will win the bid. Usually, a ceiling and bottom amount is set at a lower level (through discounts), than the actual value of the auction item. We have clients from around the world using our auction bidding scripts, including USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, India, Italy, Malaysia, Germany and many other European countries.

Let’s look at an example of how the reverse auction site chooses the lowest unique bid amongst the placed bids

Bid Amount Bid Frequency Bid Status
$0.02 7 Not unique
$0.03 10 Not unique
$0.04 12 Not unique
$0.05 1 Lowest Unique Bid
$0.06 22 Not unique
$0.07 25 Not unique
$0.10 10 Not unique
$0.11 1 Unique bid but not lowest

Look at the lowest bid amount that has less bid frequency. The lowest unique bid is $0.05. The user - buyer or bidder - who places this lowest unique bid will win the auction. The bidder will then buy the product at this price.

Reverse auction script is developed using different tools and technologies:

Reverse auction script is developed using object-oriented programming language (OOP), MVC, PHP 5, MySql, Javascript, Flash, Ajax, and jQuery. We use a wide variety of tools and technolo-gies in order to ensure that the software performs at it’s best, with minimal fuss and minimal glitch-es. We have successfully tested and run all our low bid auction software, ensuring high perfor-mance and easy installation. The sites we develop are also search-engine friendly and can handle huge traffic at any given time. We use Bootstrap to make your website responsive, mobile friendly and smart phone compatible. We have also developed various mobile apps with our software for both Android and IOS.

E-Multitech Solution's online reverse auction script includes both a back end and front end design; the back end being where the entire lowest unique auction software is controlled (by you, the ad-ministrator), and a front end design or front view for the user viewing the site.

The Back End Design / The Control Panel

  1. Super Administrator Login Page - The super administrator (the owner of the site), logs into the dashboard via a secure and password encrypted portal.
  2. Super Administrator Dashboard - The administrator controls everything related to the auction site - the content of the site, bidding and auction item information, users, reports and so forth, all of which are detailed below. You should feel very comfortable using the admin panel due to it’s smooth and user friendly interface.
  3. Auction Item Category Management -In addition to managing your product categories (viewing, editing, deleting, hiding/showing), the item category manager allows the super administrator to create infinite sub-categories for each store product. The administrator can also customise how the category is displayed in the front of the store.
    This section allows you to add field values including categories and sub-categories. You may also hide or show the category names and sort them according to serial numbers, as well as edit, change or delete a category.
  4. Auction Item Management - This section helps you to manage all of your shops/store auction items; either add, edit, delete, or view the auction items through the buttons at the corner of each page. A particular auction can be set to a different status - Open/Live, Closed, Future, Cancelled, and Dispatched - according to it’s nature. In addition to a photo gallery for each newly inserted auction, the auction can also be set to multiple languages. You can easily set different values pertaining to the auction items whilst either adding or posting them via the Auction Item Management section.

    - auction name (with option for multi-language support) and auction category
    - retail/market price
    - bid fee (credit/currency)
    - auction start date and time
    - auction end date and time
    - required number of bids
    - minimum required bid amount
    - size (small, medium, large), weight, description, maximum number of bids amount (ceiling points)

    - images - small or large images for the image gallery
    - shipping cost
    - discount options
    - coupon codes
    - show/hide options
    - highlight/don't highlight options
    - auction type (Free, Paid and Unpaid )

  5. Transaction Detail - this section lists all transactions that occur in the Reverse Auction Site whilst buying credit, placing bids, and paying for winning bids. The user can buy items from the auction using several types of payment gateways. Our Lowest Bidding Software easily integrates with PayPal, Moneybooker, ClickandBuy,, Sagepay, AlertPay, and every other credit card payment gateway available on the market right now. After each transaction, the details can be downloaded in a CSV file for future reference. These details will act as a receipt for the users. Furthermore, you can quickly search for specific transactions either by sort facility, date and time, or username.
  6. Newsletter Section - The newsletter section allows you to quickly create newsletters, save them, apply templates, and send them to selected users.
  7. Content Management System (CMS) - The CMS allows you to add different pages for the auction site - About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, FAQs, and Help pages. The super admin controls all these pages either by adding, editing or deleting whilst leveraging the full-fledged editors.
  8. Banner and Logo Management - From here you may upload or change a logo, as well as managing all kinds of images in the auction site, such as advertising banners or images for pages etc
  9. SEO section - Optimise the bid site and the pages within it by adding meta-title, meta-keywords, and meta-descriptions for each page in order to make it search engine friendly for major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  10. Email Settings Section - This section allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing emails. With this setting you can create various types of emails and send them directly, such as user registration, welcome, payment invoice notifications and others.
  11. Time zone setting - Assign the required time zone for your site.
  12. Live Help and Ticketing Section - This section manages all messages that are sent through either the live help or ticketing division. Reply to all user queries through the ticketing section.

Front Section Overview of the Lowest Unique Bid Auction Software:

  1. Home Page (displays all live auctions)
  2. Category listing
  3. List items under category
  4. Banner and logo section
  5. Product Details page
  6. Bidding page
  7. Auction Closed page
  8. Bid Details page (after auction closes)
  9. Member login, registration section
  10. Member home page
  11. Member current auction (bid) listing page
  12. Member past auction (bid) listing page
  13. Winning member listing page
  14. Member update profile page
  15. Member balance and deposit page
  16. Member Help Desk section
  17. Member forgotten password page
  18. Member change password page
  19. Newsletter capture box
  20. About Us page
  21. Terms and Conditions page
  22. Contact Us page
  23. FAQ page
  24. Ticketing and Live Help section
  25. Forgot Password Section

All of the various sections listed above and their functionality are usually found on the standard custom Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script. However, E-Multitech Solution can come up with a ver-satile, flexible, and top-of-the-range auction bid site that fits your particular requirements..

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Our Clients In Their Own Words

Typhoon Auctions

"Awesome Work. They gave me what i expected for my Real state properties auction. "

Duston S. Horacek USA


"Hi, we assigned the developing of our highest unique bid auction web site to these guys .. and we have been very very satisfied ! A very good team with very friendly people like Roshan and his entire Team"

Corrado Geo Italy

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