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Website Maintenance and Support Service

Whether you're a small, home-based or larger corporate, we give each project a top priority and assign an individual expert to help you come up with creative suggestions that will help take your business to a next level.

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Web Site Maintenance

Web Site Maintenance & Support at E-Multitech

Our website maintenance and support service can provide you with ongoing, reliable, and affordable website solutions; deliver on a timely and professional manner. Whether you're a small, home-based or larger corporate or government organization, we give each project a top priority and assign an individual expert to help you come up with creative suggestions that will help take your business to a next level.

Scope of Maintenance Services

Our Web Site Maintenance services range from simple website updates like changing text or images on the web page to more comprehensive web site maintenance such as new page creation or functionality for your web site. Other times web maintenance could also mean installing add-ons to your web site, such as online chatting system, photo galleries, calculators, and much more.

Hefty Discount on Huge Volume of Work

The pricing for our website maintenance includes a hefty discount for large monthly volumes of work. We'll send out the questionnaire to get to know what are exactly you need. Alternatively, you can always fill up the site maintenance form and send in your queries.

We know you don't have time to maintain your website, and hence our support team at E-Multitech Solution will help you take care of that. We'll offer support contracts and on-going web site maintenance options.
For clients who want to update their web site on their own, we’ll provide few advanced trainings just to make sure that you understand how your site function as well as we do. For these clients we focus on other aspects of maintenance.

We focus on more complex website work, web marketing, or just ensure that our team is available to fulfill your needs. It's our priority! Whether if you are looking to update your web site yourself, or receive partial maintenance service, or have our teams of experts look into and manage every aspects of your website - web marketing, cleaning codes, and adding new functionality, E-Multitech stands by you through the phase. We're confident and sure that we'll provide you the optimal solution that will help run your site smooth, proper, and be in excellent condition. Before, you make a decision of choosing us as your maintenance crew, just read why you should care to select us in the first place.

Web Site Maintenance Services

Why Choose Us For Website Support and Maintenance?

  1. Our services are completed on time
  2. We’ll give the best value on the budget you have
  3. No project is small or no questions asked are silly. We understand your pain, and we'll help clear them
  4. Just read what our clients have to say about our website maintenance and support services. If you want us to look into your website and make it healthy again, don't hesitate to contact us here.
  5. We’ll work according to website support contract. Our web site support contract covers a wide variety of request types.

Got the picture? Below are just few details on what services are included into our web site maintenance phase.

What's Included in Web Maintenance Services?

  1. HTML editing and programming - It generally includes updating site text, creating external or internal links, conversion of documents to HTML format, and simple client-side programming.
  2. Developing or updating existing web-based tools or applications.
  3. Design and install images – We’ll design and install flash, banner ads, and other images.
  4. Technical consulting - We'll show where and how you can change the pages, add content and images into your pages.
  5. Web site marketing strategies suggestions - We'll tell you how to market your site using both offline and online tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon. We can even create a Facebook fan page book for you.

What's Not Included?

  1. Product development tasks such as new web-based tools or application or user interface development.
  2. Adding new functionality
  3. Working outside the original file structure or domain name
  4. Copy writing or editing of the content.
  5. Creation of entirely new pages or sections.
  6. Creation of administrative tools for self-maintenance.
  7. New web design, or new web site projects.

The best way to determine your weekly/monthly costs is to discuss with us directly. We can give you an idea of what clients with similar needs spend each week/month on support/maintenance. Purchase 3, 6, or 12 month contracts which can be renewed, reviewed, or cancelled.

We provide discount for each packages

  1. 3 Month Contract receive 5% off regular hourly rate.
  2. 6 Month agreements receive 10% off regular hourly rate.
  3. 12 month or more agreements receive 15% off regular hourly rate.

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