Auction & Bidding Software are the most popular form of online business due to it’s profitability.

Since 2007 E-Multitech Solution has been developing-state-of-the-art auction software such as Lowest Unique Bid Auction, Highest Unique Bid Auction, Price Reveal Bid Auction, and Penny Auction. We have provided these tools for a wide range of clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, as well as from Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, India and now finally, here in Nepal.

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Each auction site has these features:

  • Each auction site is search-engine (SEO) friendly, giving it high potential to be found by bidders using search engines.
  • Even a novice internet user can fully control and run their own functional auction bid site within days.
  • Auction sites are highly secured and built using the latest frame-work. The web site is controlled completely by the administrator of the site via the back-end design.
  • Each auction site supports multiple currencies and languages.
  • Swiftly install the auction software onto your server right after you purchase, using our Automatic Software Installer.
  • Easily integrate the auction site with Google Analytics and begin monitoring your entire site including it's traffic, page views, bounce rates, and conversions.
  • Almost every payment gateway is supported by each auction.
  • Easily place and manage items, users, categories, and pages using the highly secure admin area.

Types of Auction Bid Scripts We Offer:

Reverse Auction Software (Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script):

Reverse Auction Software (Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script):

Lowest Unique Bid Auction, also known as Reverse Auction Bid Software, is one of our most popular online bidding auction software applications. In the Lowest Unique Bid Auction, any bids placed by the bidder that are both unique and at the lowest bidding end of the auction will win. Our Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script is packed with features and built using top-of-the-range tools and technologies.
1. Reverse Auction Bid Software supports social connectivity. Easily connect with your social groups, networks, and other people via Twitter, Facebook, and Google Circles and promote your business online.
2. Reverse Auction Software supports multiple languages and currencies to appeal to any target audience.
3. Reverse Auction Software is designed to be search engine friendly. It’s pages and items can be designed with keywords embedded into meta tags, titles, descriptions, and URLs making it highly visible to search engines.
Click the link below to read about the features of Lowest Unique Bid Auction Script in more detail, or simply view the online demo. A handful of people around the world are already using our top-of- the-range Lowest Unique Auction Bid Software to their full advantage.

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Price Reveal Auction, Dutch Auction Script (price drop auction software)

Price Reveal Auction, Dutch Auction Script (price drop auction software)

As a leading auction software provider in south-east Asia, E-Multitech Solution has been building customised, hand-crafted, fully-functional and profitable Price Reveal Auction Software. The customer buys items whenever they think the price is right by clicking on the ‘Reveal’ button. Our Dutch Reveal Auction Software is equipped with a variety of features. We have developed this custom software using PHP, MYSQL, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
1.Our smooth, high-end design and graphics will captivate normal users.
2.Dutch Auction operates on a highly secured platform, ensuring smooth transactions for all product purchases for its members. All payments are handled via a secured site and third party programs such as PayPal, AlertPay, etc.
3.Auction scripts are highly optimized so that they rank well for specific keywords.
4.The auction scripts foster user interactivity by enabling users to participate in buying items

Click the link below to know more about the features of Price Reveal Auction Software in detail, or view the online demo. A handful of people around the world are already using our top of the range Price Reveal Auction Bid Software to their full advantage and have been generating profits for themselves. If you act NOW, you are entitled to many FREE offers – lifetime upgrades, one year of FREE support, a domain name with unlimited web space to install the auction site, as well as many others.

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Highest Unique Bid Auction

Highest Unique Bid Auction

The Highest Unique Bid Auction is similar to Lowest Unique Bid Auction but in this application, the highest bid that is also unmatched and unique when the auction closes is the winning bid. A maximum bid value is usually set at a much lower level than the actual value of the product. The auction is thrilling and provides excitement for users, encouraging them to purchase more bids and spend more on the auction.

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Penny Auction Script

Penny Auction Script

Penny Auction Script is a strategy game, where participants pay a non-refundable fee in order to place a small incremental bid - the auction price then increases by a small amount such as 0.01 or 0.06 cents. When the auction expires, the last participant to have placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final price, which is usually significantly lower than the actual price of the item. We have developed this Penny Auction Software using PHP, MYSQL and Ajax.

The auctioneer profits from the live auction through the fees collected for each bid and from the payment made via the winning bid.
1.Attract new users either by word of mouth or recommendation with the help of Coupon Module – a brilliant marketing tool that allows members to collect coupons by referring other users.
2.Automatically re-list items that have the same properties as others and run the Penny Auction site more efficiently, saving you both time and money.
3.Bidders can use their existing bids to purchase any product without having to wait for the auction to end, at the price you set. This means extra revenue for you.
4.Before placing a bid you are required to register for any other Penny Auction. Our advanced Penny Auction Script allows you to register via SMS or telephone.
Click below to know more about the features of Penny Auction Software in detail, or view the online demo here.

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eBay Type Auction

eBay Type Auction

Are you thinking about starting your own auction website? With E-Multitech Solution's advanced custom eBay style clone script, you can easily build a fully functional auction website similar to within a short period of time.

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Start Getting Results Online Request a Quote - Low bid Auction

Country: India

Multi language, Multi country, Live bidding, Lowest Unique Bid, Streaming on TV. Used PHP, MySQL, Node.Js. Developed for for Raj Kundra, One of the richest business man of India and Celebrity 

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Node.JS, SMS gateways, Live Steaming

LAUNCH WEBSITE request a quote - Buy, Sell, Rent real estate

Country: Cayman island

Developed for real estate buying, selling, renting for all buyers, angets and seller along with auctioning and bidding. Developed on MVC framework using PHP, MySQL, Ajax and Jquery

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, SMS, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

LAUNCH WEBSITE request a quote - Penny auction


Penny Auction software developed using Node.js and for its statbility, consistent and roboust system. Developed for our Bulgerian client in two language with all featues of auto bid, seat booking and bidding.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, node.js, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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ENFLUENCER Marketing Platform for Social Media

Country: Nepal

Online marketing platform for creator and brands. Creator from all social media can make money by pomoting brands. E Multitech Solution has developed this application for Uptrendly. M&S. 

Technology Used: MVC Frame work, PHP, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Node.js

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Reverse Auction Multi Seller & Multi Buyer B2B

Country: UK

This is Reverse auction web application. It is use for seller and buyer. Multi seller and Multi buyer. Its a tender types of electronic platform while buying the serice or product.  Buyer post what they need to buy and suppliers provide various quotes and competes with each other.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Media Server, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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Reverse Auction B2C

Country: UK

Reverse auction platform. Company post what they need to buy and suppliers make bid competing with each on revers bidding. Application is built on PHP, MySQL in MVC framework with ajax and jquery.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Media Server, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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Our Clients In Their Own Words

Typhoon Auctions

"Awesome Work. They gave me what i expected for my Real state properties auction. "

Duston S. Horacek USA


"Hi, we assigned the developing of our highest unique bid auction web site to these guys .. and we have been very very satisfied ! A very good team with very friendly people like Roshan and his entire Team"

Corrado Geo Italy

Willy Chew

"Hi, E-mulitech Team I am here to write a testimonial for u. E-multitech had set-up my penny auction website for us in Singapore"

Willy Chew Singapore


""I was surfing on the net from very long time to find correct designer and programmers to my newly launching website. Only One company has responded on time, that is E Multitech Solutions"

Meera Saheb Shaik, AP, Ongole, India