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Dutch Style Express Price Reveal Auction Script

As a leading auction software provider in south east Asia, E-Multitech Solution has been delivering several types of customised Price Reveal Auction Scripts that are fully-fledged, hand-crafted, and equipped with the latest tools & technologies.

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Reveal The price/ Dutch Auction

Country: Netherland

Complte dutch style reveal auction developed in multi language. Support reveal the price and dutch style auction. We have developed this website from scratch after getting requirmetns from the client. This custom build reveal price is developed in MVC frame work of PHP, along with HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap is use to make it smart phone compatible.

Technology Used: HTML5, CSS3, MVC frame work, PHP, MySQL, Responsive Web Design

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Country: Spain

Gaming auction website with combination of Lowest Winning bid and dutch auction. System is developed in Spanish language.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, SMS, Social Media, MVC framework, Bootstrap

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Price Reveal Auction Website

Country: Spain

E-Multitech Solution Design and Developed as reveal auction website with many social media features like blog, instagram photo features in Desktop version and Mobile version for our Spanish client. This website is developed in MVC frame work with quality coding and secured technology. This is online E-Commerce as well where product and items can be sell and put on auction. Company has build as new front air in online commerce and auction.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Jquery, MVC Framework, HTML5, CSS3

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How Price Reveal Auction Works:

In the price reveal auction site, the customer purchases items (products) whenever he or she thinks the price is right. In this way the customer remains in control. In reveal auction, often called express auction, the product starts at a retail price. However, the client cannot see the actual price or buy it.

You need to click the ‘Reveal’ button in order to see the current price and have the opportunity to buy the product.

When the members click on the ‘Reveal’ button, the price is revealed and they can buy the product at the revealed price. It will cost them a credit each time they click, but the price of the product drops by xx cents. Once the visitor decides to buy the product, he will be taken off the website and the auction is over.

In summary, a basic price reveal auction script will work this way:

1. Site owner lists the different auction items from the control panel.
2. User is registered online and verified via email.
3. User buys different bid credits with specified amounts.
4. User will see the revealed price for x number of seconds.
5. If the user likes the price they can purchase it.
6. if they don't like the price they can try again using credits. This is the basic concept of the express/price reveal auction website, but it may vary according to your own ideas and concepts.

The basic concept of the Express Reveal Auction site is the same as with any other type of auction software. However, E-Multitech goes one step further by customising the Reveal Bidding Software according to your ideas and concepts.

We listen to our clients and we develop the system according to their particular requirements, ideas and concepts. We have developed more than one hundred high quality price reveal auction websites. We have clients from the USA, India, China, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and other European countries trusting us to design their price reveal auction websites. There are no limits as to how we can customise our products and build new features.


Price Reveal Auction Basic Features: Features

Our Custom Express auction/Scratch/Dutch/Reveal Auction Software is robustly built with clean code, standard classes and modules, and all possible latest tools and technology.

  •  Highly customisable and scalable software
  •   Website is search-engine (SEO) friendly, in both desktop and mobile versions
  •  SMS bidding and SMS notification
  •  The auction site is built using Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), MVC, PHP 5, MySQL database, Node.js, CSS3, HTML5 and JQuery platform, allowing for robust functionality
  • Supports all payment gateways
  •  High performance to handle huge traffic flow
  •   Analytic reports of site’s traffic, page views, bounce rates and conversions amongst others
  •  Single Bidding Features, Multiple Bidding Features
  •   Mobile Version Compatible
  •   Time Auction, Required Quota Auction and fully-featured CMS to manage all auctions, bids and users
  •   Available as in Wordpress Plugin

Reveal Auction Script General Specifications:

Now that you have understood the basic working principle of Price Reveal Auction site, find out about some of the features of the site’s various sections and how they will help you perform different operations.

Our expert designers, programmers and testers do what they love and do best - build original and chic auction solutions especially for you. Our team focuses on all aspects of the auction – the design, graphics, security and SEO so that your site runs smoothly, looks engaging and is user-friendly. Our clients enjoy high traffic to their auction sites as our sites are search engine friendly. The site is secure and the quality of work is exceptional. Before handing you the final project, we run it through every conceivable testing mode, and only after successfully achieving the desired results do we hand over our creative solution for you to try for yourself.

The Back End Design of the Price Reveal Auction Site

  1. Super Administrator Login Page -The super administrator (the owner of the site), logs into the dashboard via a secure and password encrypted page.
    The login page is where the super admin (you) logs in with their username and password. Once you are logged in you enter the next section, the Dashboard.
    Remember that you can always change your login details. If you forget your password you can reset a new password by entering your email address. The system will send you an email with the link to let you set a new password.
    Once you are logged in you will enter the admin dashboard.
  2. Administrator Home/Dashboard - The admin dashboard is where the super admin has access to the site. You can control virtually every aspect of the Reveal Auction site from this panel – the items, categories, content, newsletters, users and many more.
    You control everything that happens in the site such as what items to display, which categories to assign for each item, see the report of a particular bid, get the transaction details and save them as a CSV file format, and everything else.
    From this section you can control everything that happens in the entire Highest Unique Bid Auction.
    The smooth interface makes it extremely user-friendly, therefore you do not need any advanced technical knowledge in order to operate these different sections.
  3. Auction Item Category Management -Each item on display in your Reveal Auction site is generally listed under a relevant category. For example, Apple IPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia Lumia fall under Mobile/Smartphone categories.
    In this way each item becomes more manageable as the number of items increases. The auction site tends to become unorganised and unmanageable when items are not assigned to specific categories.
    In addition to managing your product categories - viewing, editing, deleting and hiding/showing - the item category manager lets you create unlimited numbers of sub categories for each product.

    The administrator can also customise how the category is displayed in the front of store. You can also add field values for each product by entering its name and sub-category. You may then decide to hide or show the category names and sort them according to serial numbers and name.
  4. Auction Item Management - This section helps you to manage all your shop/store’s auction items and add, edit, delete or view each auction item as appropriate. You can always post products and come back later to add more descriptive details whenever you are free.
    The chic buttons at the corner of each page are clearly visible and remind you to check the information of each product.
    A particular auction also can be set at a different status - Open/Live, Closed, Future, Cancelled, and Dispatched. Each newly inserted auction item has a photo gallery. Finally, you can easily set different values pertaining to the auction items while adding it.

    Each item (product) of the store has the following fields:

    1. Auction name (with option for multi-language)
    2. Auction category
    3. Retail/market price
    4. Bid fee (credit/currency)
    5. Auction start date and time
    6. Auction end date and time
    7. Required number of bids
    8. Maximum bid amount (ceiling point)

    9. Minimum required bid amount
    10. Size (small, medium, large), weight, descriptions
    11. Images - small or large image for the image gallery
    12. Shipping cost
    13. Discount options
    14. Coupon codes
    15. Show/hide options
    16. Highlight/don't highlight options
    17. Auction types (Closed, Paid and Unpaid)

  5. Auction Report or Bidding Report Section –every open bid has crucial information related to it. Without this information you cannot run the auction site or get an idea about the status of each bid.

    For example, if you have posted the product ‘Laptop’ for a bid, then you want to know:
    1. Details of this particular open bid (auction)
    2. Details of all the placed bids
    3. Total revenue generated by each bid
    4. Remaining date and time
    5. Remaining bids
    6. All bid statuses - reports and statistical information

    The same process is applied to all the other bids having any other status - e.g. Closed, Cancelled and Dispatched. This section allows you to get all important reports at the end of the day. We have developed the control panel to be extremely user-friendly, and you can easily become an expert in a few days.
  6. Okay, so you have a bid winner. What do you do after that? This section, Shipping and Delivery Management, allows you to deliver the auction item to the bidder. Once you ship the item, you can keep track of related information such as delivery status, shipping time and cost incurred.
  7. Member or User Management - We’ve discussed how you as the super administrator can manage all the items in the bid as well as keep track of each bid’s important details (shipping, profits generated, and the winner).

    Now let’s look at another important section of the Price Reveal Auction site. Without this section you will achieve very little with your auction site. No matter how many products you have in the site, you won’t be able to generate profit from it if you don’t know how to manage the users (members) of the Price Reveal auction. This section lets you view, add, edit or delete members.You can search for users by name, make a backup of their important information in CSV file format and save it for future reference.

    The section displays the site's statistics, and other user details:
    1. Total users
    2. Total current visitors on the site
    3. Current online users on the site
    4. Displays most active users/members
    5. Displays blocked/suspended users
    6. Lists users with Current Bids status
    7. Lists user’s Closed Bids history
    8. Lists all the records of a user's winning bids
    9. Member's Auction Transaction Details

    This section also stores other information pertaining to the members of the site such as their username, password, email address, street address and city amongst others. You can also choose to change this information. For example if some users have changed their location, you can set the new address from this section.
  8. Transaction Details -This section lists all transactions that occur in the Reverse Auction site including buying credits, placing bids, and paying for winning bids.
    The user buys items from the auction using several types of payment gateways. Our Lowest Bidding software easily integrates with PayPal, Moneybooker, ClickandBuy,, Sagepay, AlertPay, and every other credit card payment gateway on the market right now. After each transaction, the details can be downloaded in a CSV file for future reference. These details will act as a receipt for the user. Furthermore you can quickly search for specific transactions either by sort facility, date and time, or username.
  9. Newsletter Section - This section allow you to keep your members updated about recent developments. The newsletter section lets you quickly create newsletters, save them, apply templates and send them to selected users.
  10. Content Management Section (CMS) -The Content Management System provides the ability for multiple users with different permission levels to manage content, information about the products and the auction itself. Our CMS management allows you to create, edit, publish, and archive different web pages. The admin of the site can create all these pages (such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, FAQs), without the need for advanced technical skills such as knowledge of HTML. The system is extremely user friendly and allows you to easily create web content on the fly.
  11. Banner and Logo Management – Do you have a logo for your auction? Or do you need to place images on your page such as advertisements? This section allows you to do that. You may upload a logo or change it from here. Likewise, manage all kinds of images in the auction site - advertising banners, images for pages etc.
  12. SEO Section – This section helps you optimise the site content (pages, product information, and auction details). Included is a section where you can add meta-titles, meta-keywords and meta-descriptions for each page in order to make your site SEO friendly. The search engine reads these meta titles, keywords and description fields in each page while scanning or crawling the content. Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will rank pages higher if they have high density keywords throughout the page title, headers, body and URL. Highly ranked pages will end up at the top of a Google search, increasing the number of visitors to your site. More visitors mean more people will become registered users, and as a result the site becomes more popular. Popular sites generate more profit for you as many other sites will want to link to you.
  13. Email Settings Section –This section allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing emails. This dynamic email setting lets you send emails directly by creating various types of emails - User Registration, Welcome, Payment Invoice Notifications and others - to your users using your own dynamic text and images.
  14. Time Zone Setting Section -No matter where you are in the world, you can let your visitors know where you are located and your time-zone by setting up this vital information.
  15. Live Help and Ticketing Section - Live Help is the place where you receive all queries sent by your visitors. You can then decide to read, process and reply to them. Live Help is a great way to foster two way communication between the visitors and the site administrator.

Front End Section Overview of the Price Reveal Software:

The front end section is the front view for your visitors and members of the site. To customise your auction site you can check how each section displays in the front end design, and if you choose to change some sections, you can go to the back end (control panel) and change the content and settings.
The front end (design) view is the result of settings created via the back end view. According to the setting of each section in the back end, you may customise how each section looks in real time.

The front end consists of these sections.

  1. Home Page
    1. Home page that displays all the live auctions
    2. Listing page
    3. List all products with its required fields.
    4. Category listing
    5. List Auction Under Category
    6. Banner and Logo Section
    7. Product Details page
    8. Bidding page
    9. Auction Closed Page
    10. Bids detail page after auction got closed
  2. Bid Pages
    1. About us page
    2. Terms and conditions page
    3. Contact us page
    4. FAQ page
    5. Help section
    6. Ticketing and live help section
    7. Forgot password section

    1. Newsletter capture box
  3. Members Section
    The front end view collects information from members and processes it to take them to different sections of the site.
    1. Login and registration page
    2. Login option with facebook or twitter
    3. Home or welcome page
    4. Current Auction listing Page
    5. Past auction listing Page
    6. Winning listing page
    7. Update profile page
    8. Balance and deposit page
    9. Redeem Coupon
    10. Help desk section
    11. Forgot password page
    12. Change password page

All these sections are generally found in the standard Express Auction Script. But E-Multitech Solution can deliver a versatile, flexible, top-of-the-range auction bid site that fits your requirements. Don’t have a clue as to what your Price Reveal Auction might look like?

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