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Domain Registration & Web Hosting Services

There are lots of business owners vying for to register affordable domain name and web hosting for their online business. Some of them tend to include keywords along with their business name, while other simply wants a domain name that reflects back their industry.

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Web Hosting Services

Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services

There are lots of business owners vying for to register affordable domain name and web hosting for their online business. Some of them tend to include keywords along with their business name, while other simply wants a domain name that reflects back their industry.

In short, each of them want the best top level domain name for their company as soon as possible, but they lack the sea of technical know-how on choosing the right domain name that exactly reflects back their line of work.

Domain Name and Extension

Domain name is the essence of your company’s identity online. Domain name also help identify the types of organization and its mission.
Domain name is a piece of URL. They are generally preceded by ‘www.’, which represent the server and ends with ‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.edu’, ‘.net’ and other bunch of domain name extension that represents the type of the business. Domain name is also the main part of the web site address itself, purchased and used only by you.

Domain Registration

E-Multitech Solution, as compared with other domain name registration companies out there in the market, gets you your desired domain name and the control panel at affordable price.

The Nepal based IT Consulting firm are associated with various types of top level domain names - .com, .org, .net, and .biz domain extensions among others.

E-Multitech Solution’s Domain Features

In addition to provide domain name registration services with .com, net., .org, and .us top-level-domains, TLD, the South-East Asian web design and web development company also helps their clients to full authority to the clients. Each client gets their own domain manager, a secure username and password login information, and other free services like domain transfer and domain name service (DNS) update services.

  1. Full access to the control panel with secure username and password
  2. Your own personal Domain Manager to add new sub-domains
  3. Register .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and every other domain name possible
  4. We suggest profitable domain names for your business
  5. FREE services like Domain Name Transfer, DNS update etc.
  6. 12/6 Customer Support
  7. Country Specific extensions registration (, .in, and so on)

Country specific extensions function exactly like commercial domain - .com, .org, and .net. They help offer wider selection of available domain than .com and anyone from anywhere on the net can reach them. Get an international extension if you’re planning to do your business in a certain country.

‘.np’ Registration Service

The country specific extension for Nepal is ‘.np’ and it’s completely FREE to register. But the authority to register those ‘.np’ domain names is reserved for Mercantile Communications. Remember, ‘.np’ domain registration is only applicable to Nepali citizens. Click here to fill up domain registration form for ‘.np’. Basically, you check if the domain is available or not, write an application letter on your company letter head, submit online form and other documents – copy of your citizenships or driving license to establish yourself as a Nepali citizen – and wait for a couple of days. Domain Registration (Top level domain .com, .net, .org and .NP)

Our domain name registration price is NRs. 1,000 / Year

Web Hosting Services

Whether if you are a small business or a corporate giant launching your project – a new web design, an e-commerce site, auction software, or anything for that matter - E-Multitech Solution provides affordable hosting plan, ideal for both newbie and resellers.

Resellers usually resale our products with their own web branding!

As part of our intention to be the one-stop solution for all of your online business and marketing efforts – web design, web development, web application, auction software, copywriting, internet marketing – we are ever more driven to provide world class services to our clients who have their unique requirements. We do this by putting your individual project under a microscope to know exactly what you want and your goals are.

Web Hosting Packages for Both Small Business and Corporate Giants

We provide domain and web hosting services to both small business and corporate that require more space and specific domain names for their online business.

All of our web servers support the latest tools and framework – PHP, MySQL database, Shared based SSL, Email accounts, fixed and unlimited bandwidth - depending upon each client’s individual requirements. We host your website in the US based dedicated server.

Small Business or Single Web Hosting Plan

Web Space Price Per Year
100 MB NRs. 3000/Year
500 MB NRs. 5000/Year
10 GB NRs. 7000/Year

Each small business web package comes along with

  1. Fully functional control panel to manage files, emails, and database
  2. One dedicated MySQL database
  3. 10 Email Accounts
  4. Support for DNS transfer and other guides for FREE
  5. Your own FTP account
  6. Supports PHP, MySQL database, and shared based SSL
  7. Limited Bandwidth

Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

If you want to host your web design or other web projects without compromising the space, email accounts, and the bandwidths, then our advanced web hosting plans are what you should go after. Here’s what is included in our unlimited web hosting plan.

  1. Unlimited web space – allowing you to create unlimited amount of sub-domains
  2. Unlimited MySQL database
  3. Unlimited email accounts
  4. 12/6 Customer Care Support
  5. Your own Control panel and
  6. One FREE domain name for a year
  7. Unlimited bandwidth

The advanced or unlimited web hosting plan cost NRs. 20,000/year.

If you’re looking for a web hosting provider or want to simply register both international and national domain name for your online business, then just contact us. Our friendly customer care support staff members will get you back within few hours at most.  

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