About E-Multitech Solution

We are a team of passionate, creative individuals who specialise in crafting out clear and effective web design, software development and mobile applications. In short, simplicity for you and your customer.


E-Multitech Solution was established in 2007 by two science and technology researchers, Utsave Subedi and Roshan Subedi. The company’s founder and Managing Director Roshan Subedi is an information technology expert who spends most of his time supervising and coordinating projects for his team.
The software company, located in the busy streets of southern Kathmandu, Nepal, has developed and reconfigured itself as a leading provider of software solutions. We have completed hundreds of projects of varying levels of complexity, specialising in auction software, web design, web development, mobile apps, e-commerce, and other services.
E-Multitech Solution takes pride in providing user-friendly and creative web designs, web development and mobile apps to our clients all around the world.

Our Team

We have a team of twenty two employees with a variety of backgrounds. Our technicians are the guys who work the real miracles, all on a diet of strong black coffee, caffeinated soda, and sugar-laced vending machine snacks. They spend most of their time in our software development labs.

Most of our developers have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Graphic Design, or Computer Systems from reputed universities. Currently the company has ten highly qualified web designers, mobile app developers and programmers.

Our customer care department will respond to any queries you may have about your project, 24/7.
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Outsourcing Company

Functioning as an outsourcing company for the past seven years, E-Multitech Solution is both an offshore and onshore web development company.

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We've been providing outsourcing solutions to clients from the United States (USA), Australia, Canada, United Kingdom (UK) and many other European countries including Spain, Germany, Italy, France and Denmark.. 

Our friends and clients in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, and finally here in Nepal, have also shown their interest and desire to trust us in providing them with effective solutions to run their businesses

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100% Customer Satisfaction

As far as we are concerned we have been 100% successful in meeting our clients’ requirements, budget, and deadlines as specified when signing up to their contract terms. We offer timely delivery, quality work, and competitive pricing in comparison to other local IT companies around Asia.

Project Development Processes

It is our pride and personal mission to not only complete each project on time and under budget, but to deliver the end product exactly as you have envisioned it. We give each project the care and undivided attention that it requires. Our development processes run each project through different phases to ensure that they are working as they should be, before handing them over to you.

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Flexible Approach

With a careful and flexible approach, we've managed to complete every project we have undertaken.
We love to involve you in the development phase, to ensure that you know exactly what is going on with the project. As a result we are able to redesign or make small changes along the way, and conserve valuable resources that can be applied elsewhere.
We will listen to all sides of the argument in order to come up with an effective plan of execution before the project begins. Throughout the project development process, we will consider all alternatives before beginning each phase so that the project can proceed smoothly.
We always welcome constructive criticism. But once we begin a development phase, we cannot and will not make changes until the phase completes and the next round begins.

Good Software Development Practice

We make sure nothing is left out and everything runs exactly as you expect. Our team will give your project everything they have, because good web-development practice means going that extra mile to ensure that you get what you have asked for.

Our priority is to complete the project on time, under budget, and according to what we have discussed in our contract with you. We will not move on to the next phase unless we are both100% satisfied.

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Meet Our Team

Big company experience, small company feel.

Get to know us a little better, meet our team, and find out why we are different.

Management Team

  • Roshan Subedi CTO/MD

  • Sujit Sah Project Manager/Director

  • Utsav Subedi Director

  • Dayal Nathan Technical Advisor

  • Shrijana Panta Business Development Officer

Developers, Programmers and Designers

  • Manoz Sah Senior Designer

  • Kiyara Ghimire Designer

  • Kaushal Shah Developer

  • Aman Subedi Accountant

  • Rabi Maharjan Programmer

  • Pradip Bhattarai Programmer

  • Prabin Silwal Developer

  • Binita Thakur Programmer

  • Pradeep Sharma Content Writer

  • Abishek Rana Content Writer

  • Bishal Singh Mobile Apps Developer

  • Santosh Pokharel Mobile Apps Developer

  • Sanjay Shresth Programmer

  • Rajkumar Rimal Programmer

  • Saurav Poudel Reception