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chasebid.com lowest unique bid developed by E-Multitech Solution Pvt.ltd

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In the present world we have experienced everything online. Anything we want is just under a button or in a single touch. To follow the same trend, the chase bid website and its mobile application was developed.  The chase bid is a lowest unique bid auction website.


Going to the basic information’s, chasebid (www.chasebid.com) is developed using php, MySql,CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Node.js and jquery. This was developed for India and Dubai. This project was developed for Viaan Industries. The system is mainly designed for online auctions. Also, bidding can be done via s.m.s too. Besides these, it provides features such as casting and live streaming on TV channels. Chasebid.com is india’s first tv show game as well. Rather than a single language, the website is designed to provide Multilanguage’s as well as multicurrency option.


On the website what usually happens is, the lowest Unique BID up to two decimal places wins. To win the “Lowest Unique Bid” auction you need to be the bidder at the end of the auction with the “Lowest Unique bid”. In the unlikely event that there is no single unique bid then the person who placed the “FIRST LOWEST BID” which has TWO or more bids, will win the auction. There will ALWAYS be a winner!!Each new registration is given five bids free. You can place unlimited bids by buying bulk bid packages online. Bids are non-refundable. Bids can be placed through the APPs (Android/iOS) & Website via your registered account.





The website was developed by the “E-MULTITECH SOLUTIONS“. Their team of expert developers has worked on it. Rather than this, the company and their team has not compromised on their quality of work and successfully completed a wide range of projects. In the course of time of their service, the have shown what their working caliber is. From the starting phase of their service, they have been satisfying all their clients by their splendid work. Also going to their group of technicians, they are very hard working and do not compromise on quality.


bidforsin.com and about its development

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   E-  Multitech Solution has served a great support and in facilitating various products and services at a reasonable cost with the help of  lowest unique bid auction. The  Software developed by E-Multitech Solution for its clients  named Bidforsin.com has been proved as one of the first and the best lowest unique bid auction website throughout the world which contain the various features and hence link various product in a single auction.

Some of its features includes i.e its with various categories, support multi language auction, multi country auction, multi-currency auction and so on where one can easily reach with the help of social media such as facebook, twitter, google+, SMS notifications,SMS biding and many more.

Programmers and developers of E-Multitech Solution has use PHP as programming language to build Bidorsin.com in MVC frame-work, While ‘mysql’ is database along with node.js, ajax, jquery and HTML5 and CSS5 is supported by Bootstrap.

The auction site bidforsin.com features with all possible facilities  that attracts huge numbers of  viewers and users to buy and participates in an auction. Like before E-Multitech Solution is also involve in building various custom auction software along with different  mobile apps.

Along with it various other  unique ,fast and innovative web application arte ongoing process which has been helping our client and will support further.


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Our company E-multitechsolution.com  has again reform a new auction software after completion of our earlier online project. We are very pleased to let you know that we have successfully build this auction software. This auction software is in French language which means it is specially built for our French client. Unlike  other auction website it also has two kind of auction such as ,’’Unique bid Auction’’ and Express Auction’’. This auction software will lead you to choose your best likeable branded goods. It focuses  on  buyers  satisfaction  and offers  a new way to win new brand products for a fraction of their market value.


Topencher  Auction software  is unique than other because it manages the selection and auction in very high quality products which are  the most requested by the market. It also has its special features like other Auction software.

As I have already told you it is specially for French client which is in French language so it will be an advantage for French people to know easily about it.To talk about the features it is blossom with phenomenal modules like mobile message notification (sms), Facebook login , Facebook friends  referring, various kind of payment gateway integration, clear reporting system, user search and filter system,  great product management and stock management in inventory system. We have more features and modules about it so to know about it you can check Topenchers.com . Ajax, jquery and Javascript  helps to make web site user friendly, easy navigation and keep all up to date with latest technology.


Our team are very responsible about the work and also give their best to make client cheerful. Our  Programmer, designer, QA, silencer , project manager have worked on it and has given their accurate work within the deadline.


We recommend you to give your feedback on our website. Please let us know if you need any suggestions, advices, help or any hospitality. Keep on touch with our blogs we will launch new more exciting auctions for you. We will be serving you 24/7 for any kind of projects or website.

Thank you!!







Ubidubuy.sg Online Auction Platform

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After completing our big project http://www.entrexchange.com  , our team are very delighted  to let you know that we have developed another online project http://ubidubuy.sg   for our client from Singapore. UbidUbuy.com  is an auction website having two types of auction software which are,’’ Lowest Unique Bid Auction (Reverse Auction Software) and Dutch Auction (Price Reveal Auction).’’This website offers  buyers  a fun and exciting way to buy their pleasant luxury branded goods at a reasonable price. It can be done by participating on either .’’Lowest Unique Bid Auction or’’ Price Reveal Auction’’.

Well, this online commerce site is different than other site because it holds wide range of auction and bidding varieties. Such as, buyer can buy his/her product without bidding, if any bidder lose on  auction by investing huge amount , he/she can buy  their product by deducting their invest. Beside these things it also has its own peculiar features, test and functions to make it distinctive.



Now lets move towards its features , same as other auction software it has all basic features, beside that it is prospered with phenomenal modules like mobile message notification (sms), Facebook login , Facebook friends  referring, various kind of payment gateway integration, clear reporting system, user search and filter system,  great product management and stock management in inventory system. There are more lots of new modules and features which we cannot discussed here.


You might be wondering which platform and technology should be used to develop this online auction software. You don’t need to worry, here I am going to share it with all of you. PHP is its programming bone. All front end back end coding is done with PHP while MySql is in its backend to save its all data. Ajax, jquery and Javascript play vital rules to make web site user friendly, easy navigation and keep all up to date with latest technology.


Our Emultitechsolution team has given best for making this robust auction script. Our Project manager, Programmer, Designer, Slicer, QA are involved on this project. We are very pleased with our team for their excellent and accurate work.


Dear Readers, if you need any kind of solution or help please let us know without any hesitation. We will serve you on your time. Do keep checking our blogs, we will be launching more and more auctions for our clients.  Our Web Developer are working  24/7 for all kind of projects.

Thank you!!

First Golf Auction – Lowest Unique Bid Wins Auction Script

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First golf auction, Lowest unique bid auction website for various golf accessories equipment’s of high brands. Once again E-Multitech Solution and its team has developed auction software for golf industries for the client of UK. The site swilcanbids.com



We are going with new technology and tools.  As soon as new technology, new tools trend starts in internet market which we consume it and implement it in our software development process and software itself.

Swilcanbids.com is developed by Mobile apps and software company E-Multitech Solution for its client from the UK which has equipped with all latest tools, and technology of software development.   The Golf Auction software works in lowest unique bid logic process.

The lowest unique bid auction script for Swilcanbids.com is written in PHP using MVC frame work of CodeIgniter  as programming language taking in mind that the codes all will be in international standard following with MySQL as database for its robust performance , scalability, economic and readability.


swilcanbids_auctionBeside these two PHP and MySQL, we have capsulated Ajax, Jquery along with Node.js  for user interaction and readability  last but not least . As said with latest trends, its mobile phone friend using HTM5, CSS3 and bootstrap for responsive web design.  So the website is easily accessible on any devices like smart phone, desktop and laptop. So as far E-Multitech Solution has developed more than 300s+ various custom auction software but each time we thing its new and we build it from scratch using all latest skills and experts.  Our team of software developer and programmer has again proved developing first golf auction and give it a new looks with social media friendly, search engine friendly and secured lowest unique bid auction software for spots like golf.

Our auction software are not bound to specific industries.  You can check it out our portfolio that included wide range of industries where we have supported with auction software and mobile apps along with other web application.

How to build auction sites using wordpress: as wp Plugin

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Auction functionality in word press is using plugins. You may use free plugins or made your own. For making auction sites there are no free auction plugins but there are free E-commerce one, so you can simply modify the E-commerce plugin with your business logic working as auction software.

There is an auction site in http://www.e-smartstore.com  which we build using word press. It is price reveal auction site which are working as explained below:

  1. Initially price of products are hidden and you will prompt to signup or login when you click Show Price button to see actual price of that item,
  2. After you signup and get login, you will get initial bonus credit which you can use to bid.
  3. Every time you click show price button , credit from your account get decreases and you get certain time to click Buy button. Not only credit decreased from account but product price also decreases as more people clicks on Show Price button until seller defined base/target price.

E-SmartStore is a best reveal auction site where you can buy tablets, laptops, smartphones and electronic gadgets after bidding in cheap price.

Jquery autocomplete render custom data

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I want to share jQuery autocomplete function for quick development but within custom template format.

First you should have to know about autocomplete function.

Instead of the user having to type out the full value of the input field each time, the autocomplete widget offers suggestions as to what the value might be.

For example, let’s say you’re adding a new product. The product field could be a text input, a

select input, and so on. In this scenario, one would use the existing product in the system as

the source for an autocomplete widget. Chances are, the user who is entering the product, or

another user for that matter, has entered that product before. With autocompletes, users have

some assurance that they’re providing valid inputs.

The normal autocomplete function example:

<!doctype html><htmllang=”en”><head>  <metacharset=”utf-8″>  <title>jQuery UI Autocomplete – Default functionality</title>  <linkrel=”stylesheet”href=”//code.jquery.com/ui/1.11.0/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css”>  <scriptsrc=”//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js”></script>  <scriptsrc=”//code.jquery.com/ui/1.11.0/jquery-ui.js”></script>  <linkrel=”stylesheet”href=”/resources/demos/style.css”>  <script>  $(function() {    var availableTags = [     “ActionScript”,     “AppleScript”,     “Asp”,     “BASIC”,     “C”,     “C++”,     “Clojure”,     “COBOL”,     “ColdFusion”,     “Erlang”,     “Fortran”,     “Groovy”,     “Haskell”,     “Java”,     “JavaScript”,     “Lisp”,     “Perl”,     “PHP”,     “Python”,     “Ruby”,     “Scala”,     “Scheme”    ];    $(“#tags” ).autocomplete({      source: availableTags    });  }); </script></head><body><divclass=”ui-widget”> <labelfor=”tags”>Tags:</label> <inputid=”tags”></div>  </body></html>






After having simple understanding of autocomplete, now dive into realtime useful but little complicated example.

Here data I get is by calling controller named ‘ajax_suggest_username_to_tag’ . The controller is getting data from model and is echoed back to view by encoding it to json format.



source : baseurl + ‘tags/index/ajax_suggest_username_to_tag’,

minLength : 1,

select : function (event, ui)




//current_tag_list = $(‘#post_tag_list’).val();


}).data(“autocomplete”)._renderItem = function (ul, item) {

var inner_html = ‘<a><div class=”show_user_on_comment”><figure><img height=”30px” src=”‘+item.label+'”></figure><div class=”search_dtail_P”><p class=”user_name”>’+item.username+'</p><p class=”full_name”>’+item.first_name+'</p></div><div class=”clear”></div></div></a>’;

return $(“<li></li>”)

.data(“item.autocomplete”, item)






My PHP code:


function ajax_suggest_username_to_tag()


$tags_list = $this->tags_model->ajax_suggest_username_to_tag();





public function ajax_suggest_username_to_tag()


$cur_member_id = $this->session->userdata(‘current_member_id’);


$key = $q;

//Old query

//$sql_rees= $this->db->query(“select * from member_login_type where first_name like ‘%$q%’  or last_name like ‘%$q%’ order by member_id LIMIT 5”);

//New query updated 04-02-2014

$sql_rees= $this->db->query(“select * from member_login_type where member_id != $cur_member_id and login_status = ‘active’ and ((first_name like ‘%$q%’ or last_name like ‘%$q%’) OR (CONCAT(first_name,’ ‘,last_name) like ‘%$q%’) or username like ‘%$q%’) order by member_id LIMIT 5″);

if($sql_rees->num_rows >0)


$all_list = array();

$all_result = $sql_rees->result_array();

//START: To be solved by KAMALA JI

// echo ‘<ul>’;

foreach(  $all_result as $row)


$username = $row[‘username’];








$final_fname = str_ireplace($q, $re_fname, $fname);

$final_lname = str_ireplace($q, $re_lname, $lname);

$final_username = str_ireplace($q, $re_username, $username);

//    echo ‘<li><a href=”‘.base_url().$username.'”>’;

if(is_file(FCPATH .MEMBER_UPLOAD_THUMBS.’28×26/’.$img))


//echo base_url().MEMBER_UPLOAD_THUMBS.’83×73/’.$img;

$profile_image =  base_url().MEMBER_UPLOAD_THUMBS.’28×26/’.$img;




//echo IMG_DIR.’no_image.jpg’;

$profile_image =  IMG_DIR.’no_image.jpg’;


//echo ‘<figure><img height=”30px” src=”‘.base_url().MEMBER_UPLOAD.$img.'”/></figure>’;

//    echo ‘<div class=”search_dtail_P”>’;

//echo ‘<p class=”user_name”>’.$final_username.'</p>’;

//    echo ‘<p class=”full_name”>’.$final_fname.$final_lname.'</p>’;

//    echo ‘<p class=”country”>’.$country.'</p>’.'</div>’;

//echo ‘<div class=”clear”></div></a><li>’;

array_push($all_list,array(“value”=>$username,”username”=>$final_username,”label”=>$profile_image,”first_name”=>$final_fname));                  }

return $all_list;


return false;

//echo ‘<li><a href=”‘.base_url().’user/search/see_all/’.$q.'”>See All Result for ‘.$q.'</a></li>’;

// echo ‘</ul>’;




But I was getting below error:


TypeError: $(…).autocomplete(…).data(…) is undefined

}).data(“autocomplete”)._renderItem = function (ul, item) {


After some research I also found solution as listed below:


data(‘ui-Autocomplete’)resolved my troubles.

Hope this article helps you to creating your autocomplete box as in Facebook or other sites.


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Every programmers are curious about future trend, and I am not the exceptional one. So, today I am sharing the knowledge what I found about future trends of programming. It’s no secret that technology trends move fast and the tools and means for building those technologies constantly evolve. But if you don’t lift your head up every once in a while to look past the next year’s projects, you could end up coding yourself down an inescapable rabbit hole. Read them quickly because the future is changing faster than we know.

TREND 1: Android on every device

When the browser doesn’t win, Android is close behind. Camera designers, threatened by cellphones with good lenses, started putting Android on cameras, so now you can run Instagram on a Nikon. Does that make Nikon a computer company now? Does it even matter?

There are Android refrigerators, car stereos, watches, televisions, even headphones. Some complain that the UI is too complicated because it can do too much, but that’s missing the point. The UI layer can always be simplified. If Android is running underneath, the platform will dominate.

It’s going to get even more complicated. PC manufacturers are looking at the burgeoning tablet world and feeling left out. Their solution is to run Android on Windows and let people use their Android apps on their desktops, too. Some just run the stock Android emulators used by programmers, but others are looking beyond that to create brands like “PC Plus.” Once Android takes over the PC, it may combine with the browser to push Windows native apps into a distant third place for mindshare on the box.

Android on your refrigerator will mean the opportunity to write code for the refrigerator itself, whether it’s an app for displaying kid art, some calorie-counting scold, or a recipe suggestion engine for what’s left inside the ice box. Who knows?


TREND 2: Open source will find new ways to squeeze us

For all of the success of open source stacks like Android, Ubuntu, or MySQL, there remains a sticky problem with finding the revenue to support development. There are plenty of good stories about how open source code has helped hackers, but there aren’t very many examples of how companies built a relatively stable ecology that let the programmers buy health care or food.

The vast majority of open source companies distribute what might better be called a demonstration version under an open source license. Then some kind of secret sauce is kept locked away to give the programmers something to bargain with. It’s the way of the world. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? The best open source projects will find a way to tighten the screws in a comfortable way without scaring away customers.

TREND 3: WordPress Web apps will abound

It’s the biggest mistake if someone trying to build websites from scratch. No one does that any more. Why bother when you can add a plug-in to WordPress? If you’re really picky, you could work with Joomla or Drupal. The point isn’t really which platform, just the fact that there are fewer and fewer reasons to create your own Web apps because so much functionality is built into the dominant frameworks.

The game gets even more interesting when you start hacking the code. WordPress has its own editor built into it, so you can do your development inside WordPress, too. There’s no debugger, but you can get around that. If WordPress adds a nice database browser like PHPMyAdmin and provides a bit of basic debugging tools, development will really accelerate.

TREND 4: Plug-ins will replace full-fledged programs

Basic Web apps aren’t the only ones riding the power of code snippets that can be plugged into a bigger framework. Photoshop used to be the dominant engine for reworking images, in part because of the fertile world of plug-ins. Now the newer apps like MagicHour have made plug-ins even simpler. MagicHour users, for instance, can share filters just like they share photos. Most major platforms offer a good plug-in API, and the ones with the best have fertile ecologies filled with thousands of modules, libraries, and plug-ins.

This burgeoning ecology for code means that programmers will write more snippets and fewer applications. The right bit of glue code can be a million times more powerful than a great, hand-built application with megabytes of binary file. A small snippet can leverage everything in the entire ecology. A big app must do everything on its own.

The savvy programmers will learn to leverage this by creating plug-ins, not programs. They’ll learn the APIs for the host systems and string together parts. Very few will ever build anything from scratch.

TREND 5: JavaScript for everything

No, JavaScript won’t be the only language in the programming world. JavaScript is inescapable on the browser, which now dominates almost everything a client computer does. Now the server side is embracing it with tools like Node.js.

JavaScript will assuredly become more dominant in other areas as well. Once the only way into a smartphone was to write code in the native language demanded by the manufacturer: Objective-C for the iPhone; Java for Android; C# for Microsoft. Now most mobile developers can get the performance they want out of HTML5 applications running in browser like views. The result may not be as zippy as native code, but the JavaScript is good enough and portable to the Web, too.

The browser isn’t just colonizing phones; it’s eating entire platforms. Chrome OS and Chromebooks are making regular operating systems obsolete. Why worry about that layer when JavaScript and the browser can do everything?  The mainframe will have Cobol. Biologists will probably stick with Python. Linux will be written in C. But almost everything else is fair game as JavaScript gobbles the world.

How to build star rating using jquery

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Today I am going to share you how to make star rating using jQuery. I was working in a B2B website like eBay where I need to make rating of buyer and seller on real time.  Here I am trying to share what I did and accomplish this rating system.


The Star Rating Plugin is a plugin for the jQuery JavaScript library that creates a star rating control based on a set of radio input boxes.

How to use it??

Read more

How to integrate Billdesk Payment Gateway on your website

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Here below I want to share how bill desk payment gateway can be integrate on a website. Last week I tried to integrate it and I am sharing how I did it. Hope it may help you to some extent.

The approach between the merchant (i.e. User/Service Provider) website and Bill Desk is described below:

Merchant website constructs a pipe separated message [‘|’] containing some key inputs such as:  Read more