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The advent of internet technology has proved to be a powerful tool for small business. These days entrepreneurs cannot afford to just build websites.
They have to build great websites that attract visitors and turn them into paying customers.  

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Small Website Design Services at E-Multitech Solution

E-Multitech Solution, a Web Design and Development Company, has become an expert in providing smooth, attractive, and engaging web designs for small businesses since 2008. You can benefit from our experience in designing sleek, stylish web designs that help convert visitors into buyers. Our team of expert web designers and developers can craft out a web design that will connect to your audience.

Your Website is the First Thing Your Client Sees.

"For many businesses, a website is the first way that your clientele will look at you - even if it's just to find your address and phone number," says Rand Fishkin, the founder of Seattle-based search engine optimisation consulting firm SEOmoz, "The quality of your site is often a measure of the quality of your business. "

Having a well-oiled site could mean the difference between surviving the recession and succumbing to it. Traditionally, conversations between manufacturers and buyers used to take place over the phone. Now, the same conversation is conducted through websites. When you're re-launching your website, it's likely that you'll receive more purchase orders from customers who find you online because they will get a much better idea of what you are selling.

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How Do E-Multitech Craft Chic Websites?

So, how does E-Multitech Solution help you to achieve a design that will generate more profit for your business, by converting visitors to your website into buyers?

There are many variables to consider. If you have an existing website, our expert designers will review it in detail. They will look at the navigation, the logo, how the images are displayed, the fonts used, the coding structure used, and how they run. If you already have a domain name and a web space, and just want to design a new site, we'll get right down to business. If you don't have a domain name and web space, we suggest that you go online and purchase them from GoDaddy or Bluehost for as little as $100 per year. We recommend you choose a package that offers you an unlimited amount of web space.

Our team of designers will usually examine your logo. A logo could be a clue as to what colours or theme the site design will require. For example, if you have a logo with a yellow colour, and you focus on 'tea' as your product, then light green, white, and dark chocolate may be the best colours to describe your brand.

We use tools to generate attractive colour combinations. For example, colour wheels help us to work out what other variants of the main colours will suit the design. The same applies to everything else - the fonts, icons, pictures, and how they'll be put together with the rest of the design.

Your Website is About Establishing Credibility

HHaving a website isn't just about letting people know you’re out there; it's also about establishing credibility. That's why we present compelling backgrounds, fonts, and web images

Crisp graphics can help draw readers in, but they can also confound the search engines. When it comes to graphics, your best bet would be to use them sparingly and only go for the highest quality.

The most beautiful and easily navigated site in the world won't do much good if no one can find it. That's why search engine optimisation (SEO) - the art of rising to the top of the search stack of Google, Yahoo, and Bing is so important. Small websites often have around five to ten pages. The small business site often has common pages such as About Us, Services, Products, Blogs, and Contact Us pages. They are similar to an offline brochure but have more descriptive pages that describe the services and products of your business.

The focus is on presentation. We make sure that the design is clear, rich, and communicates what you have to offer to your audience. When someone visits your website, they'll quickly know what you offer and who are you by visual communication. This aspect of design, the visual communication, is what helps to grow your business. This actually compels people to trust you because you seem expert and professional in your field, and that's what your customers are looking for. Click here to check out our portfolio, or contact us here, now.

Click here to check out our portfolio, or contact us here, now!

We will show you the skeleton design, and after confirmation, move on to creating the final design for your website.

During this initial discussion with you, we both become clear on what is required from both sides..

  1. What is it that you want to communicate to your target audience? This helps us to choose keywords that will be used in your content to help your site rank in search engines, as well as come up with a theme that the target audience might find attractive. For example, if you want to design a site for your 'cafe and restaurant', then the design will have a casual, crisp, and fun theme to catch the attention of the people that might visit the site.
  2. We'll also suggest colour combinations that will help orient your site to the colour of your brand logo or brochure design
  3. We'll discuss the different sections and pages that you might require. We'll figure out if you require a drop down white menu or a menu inside a menu. The former are popular, clean and do not hinder most of the screen space, while the latter are more cumbersome and can block much of the website content.
  4. We'll also help you to figure out the top keywords for your site so that while your site is being constructed, we’ll create a mock up page and include those keywords in the meta tags - the hidden codes that search engines crawl in order to rank your pages. By the time your website is launched, it will already have marched up the search engine.
  5. Finally, we'll discuss the timeline and the budget of the whole website design.
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