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At E-Multitech Solution, we’ll fill that gap for you. We’ll provide you online auction site that are SEO optimized. This means that your online store have a high chance of getting in the first page of Google ranking.

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Custom Online Store 

Don't you want to boost your site's popularity, increase your sales and get more and more return of customers?

What will you do if your business does not either promote or sell its products online? What good does it do for you? You do business to earn profit by selling and promoting your products to others, don’t you?

Online purchase is very convenient for customers these days. This is the number one reason vendors benefit from, immensely. At E-Multitech Solution, we’ll fill that gap for you. We’ll provide you online auction site that are SEO optimized. This means that your online store have a high chance of getting in the first page of Google ranking. This will help boost your site's popularity, which will in turn increase you sales and get more customers. Next, E-Multitech Solution will customize and develop online shop exactly the way you require. We’ll make e-commerce site user-friendly, meaning that to use them you don’t need any technical know-how. You just post items, create pages, and sit back.

Check this page to learn about the features of E-commerce websites at E-Multitech Solutions. We’ll help your site test online, and we’ll keep on monitoring the site together so that we can improve them as the time goes by. But the foundation remains the same. Our systems are built on clean codes, meaning that they’ll download faster, and giving the ultimate user-experience for your clients.

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Custom-Made Ecommerce Design

E-Multitech Solution believes that any shop deserves a professional look that's attractive and easy to use for its buyers. We create and offer premium, custom-made ecommerce designs. We can confirm that our services will be professional and tailored to every types of online shop project.

Our ecommerce site will integrate with your existing website design so that your shopping cart design is consistent with all of your pages. Further, our teams of experts are ready to provide you the best online services for your ecommerce web site and give you professional advice on any ecommerce site. We always make sure that your needs are met before we begin out order process. We will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to every client. This way, our clients can rest assured that they'll get the optimal solution. Click here to check out our portfolio, or contact us here, now!

Right now, we're developing every kind of ecommerce applications - Zen Cart, CubeCart, Joomla Shopping Cart, osCommerce, Magento, and much other custom-made ecommerce software. Most of this website has pre-made templates; however, it’s not advisable to use a pre-made template.

If you really want to give your customers and visitors a unique experience and keep them coming back because you provided them easy and friendly interface at your shop, look no further away. E-Multitech Solution can create and develop ecommerce solution to keep your visitors engaged at your shop.

How do we develop Ecommerce Site?

  1. First we send you a questionnaire
  2. You'll provide all the details - the look and feel of the shop, features you would like to add on, skin you would like to use, and any other custom request.
  3. Our team will design a prototype or a blueprint design, give you few more creative suggestion as how we can do the same needs that's optimal and looks attractive for you.
  4. Then, after discussion, and revision, our team of designers and developers look at the initial design, tweak them, and come up with a crisp, optimized, and unique ecommerce solution for you.
  5. Finally, after testing, we'll put your site on live.

Features of Ecommerce Software

E-Multitech Solution has a vast pool of experiences building e-commerce and e-shop web design applications.

In Ecommerce web development, we provide:

  1. Completely new custom e-commerce web development,
  2. Cart integration in existing system,
  3. Different kind of payment gateway integration, and
  4. We also use open source like Magento and Oscommerce to developed ecommerce web sites.

As per your request, we can provide you e-commerce projects in different frame-work, like cakePHP, CodeIgniter, and many more. Here’s what your customers can do using e-commerce web sites. We have already served many e-shop solutions to our clients spread all over the world - USA, UK, Australia, Netherland, Germany, Canada, Italy, Nepal, Ireland, France, Belgium, Norway, India, South Africa, Hong-Kong, Singapore and 10 other countries.

E-commerce Features

  •  Multilanguage Support
  •  Multi Currency Support
  •  Import/Export to CSV of each reports
  •  No limitation for products display
  •  All kind of payment gate way supports
  •  A complete online store for buyer and seller
  •  Instant payment notification and invoice emails
  •  Optimize code with high speed performance
  •  SEO optimization
  •  Easy and friendly page navigation
  •  Advance cart integration with Ajax and JQuery
  •  Attractive and visually engaging web design templates
  •  Free logo for your web project
  •  24/7 support and environment to work directly with programmer

Every custom e-shop solution has the following sections.

Backend admin section from where entire e-commerce can be controlled and managed)

  1. Category Management – In the category management section, you can easily create infinite tree of subcategories to each of your main products in your store. Then, you can add, edit, and view each store item category. Further hide/show and sort options allows you to either show categories that you want to show and sort out the items according to their name. Remember, all these can be customized to reflect your personal choice.

    The category section includes following fields in the admin section : 1. Category name
    2. Sub category name
    3. Hide/show options
    4. Category image/picture
    5. Sort order (like 1, 2, 3,)
  2. Product and Item Management – Manage all your stores items (products) from the product and item management section. Site administrator can add, edit, delete, or view products. Products can be set for Multilanguage e-commerce web site. There’s also a photo gallery for each inserted products.

    A typical Product and Item Management section contains following fields:

    1. Product Name ( option for Multilanguage too)
    3. Retail/Market Price
    5. Product Weight
    7. Products Images (small and big-sized images with an image gallery)
    9. Discount options
    11. Quantity
    13. Show/hide options

    2. Product Category
    4. Product Size (small, medium, large)
    6. Product Descriptions
    8. Shipping cost
    10. Coupon codes
    12. Available/Not available options
    14. Highlighted/ not highlighted options
    15. Product Type


    Product Management still include following features

    1. Search products by product name, product id, product quantity
    2. Listing of products according to its status like available, not available in store
    3. Pagination to mange products
    4. CSV file import facility to fill shops/store products at once
    5. Export Products in CSV file
  3. Order Management Section – In this section, site administrator can see all new, processed and pending orders. The admin is able to see the listing of the orders and also can transfer each order from new to processed, processed to final orders. He/she (the admin) can also check if the payment clear or not.
  4. Shipping and Delivery Management – In this section, the site administrator can view all details regarding product delivery and shipping.
  5. Member/User management – The site admin can easily find all the users of the e-commerce site from here. This section shows the listing of all the registered users. Then he/she can swiftly manage users by clicking on add, edit, delete and view users options. If the registered users are huge, the admin can filter through the names by using the search option.

    The member’s fields contain username, user email, password, city, state, country, shipping address, and billing address. Once done with the user management, the site admin can also create a backup of the user details and save it as a CSV file. In addition to these functions, the member/user management section also allows you to,
    1. Display total users
    2. Display total current visitors on the site
    3. Display current online users on the site
    4. Display most active users/members
    5. Display Blocked or Suspended users
  6. Transactions Detail – This section lists all transactions that occurs in the e-commerce site while buying products. Normally, users buy products using different kind of payment gate, which we can integrate seamlessly.
    Our e-shop supports payment systems such as PayPal, Moneybooker, ClickandBuy, Authorize.net, Sagepay, Alertpay, E-gold, 2checkout, Bill4me.com, Bank Merchant POS (BMP), Business Gateway Service, WorldCom, NetBanx, NetBanx Ltd, E-Commerce Africa and many other credit card payment gateway.

    Finally, you can also create a backup of these details by downloading and saving them as a CSV file.
  7. . Newsletter Section – This section allows site admin to create newsletter for the e-shop site. This is generally crucial if you have any updates or notification to share with your registered users. You can easily compose a newsletter, save it, and send them to selected users.

    Besides sending newsletter, you can also choose newsletter templates for each newsletter.
  8. CMS page – The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to add pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, FAQ, and Help. Each page can also be SEO optimized using proper keywords in the title, introductions, body, and summary of the pages. Otherwise, you can ask our expert SEO optimizers to do that job for you.

    Just easily as creating page, you can also manage all those pages from here with a few click of a button. Select proper options to add, edit, view and delete page contents using our full-fledged editors.
  9. Banner and Logo Management – This section lets you to manage all kinds of advertising banners and image used in different sections of your site pages (content). If you have logo for you web site, then upload them using this section.
  10. SEO Section – This section let you to manage Meta title, Meta keywords and Meta description for each pages that you’ve created through the CMS section. This is often called content optimization, or search engine optimization. This means that you optimized pages for popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    When you optimize page with proper Meta titles, keywords, and descriptions, they have a high chance of hitting on the first page of these search engine, which in turn, will help drive more traffic to your web site. For that, each pages must be relevant to what the title of the page is about.

    As mentioned earlier, you can either create seo-friendly pages yourself, or have our SEO experts optimize them for you.
  11. Emails Setting Section – This section let you to manage all incoming and outgoing emails. This dynamic email setting, in addition to the newsletter section, lets you send emails to your users using your own text and images. Generally this section contains various types of email setting. For example, you have user registration emails, welcome emails, payment invoice notification and many other.
  12. Time Zone Setting – This section lets you to specify the time zone for your e-commerce web site.
  13. Live help and Ticketing Section – This section includes all messages that are sent from live help and ticketing section. Administrator can reply to all users question and queries from here.

Front End Design or Users Page Section

The front end design is the actual web site your visitors view while browsing the e-shop. As an admin of the site, you can now look the front end design view to figure out which sections you want to move around the site, where you would like to display certain section, and change them using the back-end design. The front end section of the e-commerce design developed at E-Multitech Solutions includes,

  • 1. Home page (list all products along with its required fields)
  • 2. Category listing
  • 3. List product Under Category
  • 4. Banner and Logo Section
  • 5. Product Details page
  • 6. Cart section
  • 7. Add/edit item cart section
  • 8. Checkout Section
  • 9. Registration and Login section
  • 10. Newsletter Capture Box
  • 11. About us page
  • 12. Terms and Conditions page
  • 13. Contact Us page
  • 14. FAQ page
  • 15. Ticketing and Live help section

There you have it. The above front and back end design of the e-shop is just a standard development. We can easily modify or append other features as per your individual taste and requirements. Best of all, we can provide your with a complete customized e-commerce design within 7 days.

That covers online testing, launching, and post-launch monitoring. This will make sure that you’ll get the optimal solution for your price as we believe in generating values to our customers. When it comes to designing web design, web development, and e-commerce sites, nothing is bigger than us. We can handle them well.
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